Guided Aux Hiking

Auxiliary Hikes:

*Buzzard Rocks:

Take a relatively short 1.9mi hike right here in the Roanoke valley. Read Mountain is located adjacent to Roanoke city and the view on top provides a panoramic sight of the metropolitan area and its surrounding Appalachian scenery. Watch Video

*Carvin Cove:

Hiking into the mountain ridge that encompasses Carvin Cove from its backside, summiting provides a rich stage to take amazing photos of the reservoir’s lake and engulfing mountain wilderness. The relatively short 1.5mi hike can allow for an outing that doesn’t take up the whole day.

*North Mountain:

Try this stiff stint up the ridge-line opposing Tinker Cliffs. The hike rides almost straight up the mountain but is less than 1.5mi so the work-out is brief. The trail on top goes for miles along the ridge and sports a great view of Tinker Cliffs. Watch Video

*Devil’s Marble-Yard:

Visit this unusual geographic feature about a 45min drive from Roanoke. The 1mi hike is relatively flat until you reach a side of the mountain-ridge which consists completely of jagged boulders, some truck size. The jumbled mass is vast and entices an exploratory search, though getting out of the field is tedious to avoid ankle twists and thus its title.

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