Don Defreeze Author Climb Beyond the Crest

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“Feel the physical rigors of reaching the crest, and then use the mind to climb beyond.”

Are there things you have to do today?  Aren't there always?  What would you think or do if you could cut those strings tying-up thoughts, drive and intent?  What would it be like?  What if I told you that such a state is inevitable- Think about it. 

Feel the changes in mind that liberate thought over a hike's adventure. Become part of a sobering perception that will forever revitalize the very way you consume time.

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Editorial Reviews

Reader's Favorite:  "Readers will enjoy how the author deals with challenging situations, and mustering enough strength for the next step, but the lessons that derive from this experience are gems for the reader...  A great read, indeed."  Read Full Review

Online Book Club:  "Climb Beyond the Crest is a wonderful and unique work that will absolutely leave you stunned...  I found myself latched onto the book all the way until the end."  Read Full Review

Watch Don Showcase his book on TV!

WSLS Channel 10 (6/4/18):  June is National Camping Month, and Don Defreeze adds his knowledge on the show.  Then, he showcases the book and stirs thought by asking, "What is reality?"  Watch


Online Interview

Book Eccentric:  Find-out some details about Don and his motivations to write Climb Beyond the Crest.  Learn his positions on several aspects of life and how writing has changed over time.  This interview is a great insight into the book's content.  Read Full Interview


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