Appalachian Camping



Camping can be separated into two types: Primitive or Developed Campsites.

Primitive: Although there are many areas where primitive camping is permitted, there is one place that is best in my opinion. Located near the Apple Orchard falls trailhead, a few spots near the creek have been cleared for camping. All camping equipment needs to be brought in and a few folding chairs are definitely helpful. This area provides the best sense of camping in a deep wilderness location. If camping spots in this area are occupied, there are others where primitive camping can be had but not necessarily next to the creek.

Developed Campsites: These are the site types into which you can drive and park and also include basic amenities within the campground such as bathrooms and showers. However, there are a wide variety of locations and attractions associated with each which may influence your choice when developing your adventure which best suits the type of environment you seek. North Creek Camp is located deep within a sharp walled Appalachian valley, isolated in wilderness and near a suggested trailhead while Claytor Lake State Park provides access to a large lake (reservoir) where boating is popular and convenience stores are near. If you want to include camping in your excursion, I recommend you submit your preferences so that we can match the best site to your needs. For example, it might be wise to camp at a site with more facilities if a family with small children is touring as apposed to a single or duo group.

Whether primitive or developed, contact Excihiking if you are considering including a camping segment to your stay. We hope to explore all options to make the most of your Appalachian adventure.

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